Paixão pela Natureza.




The passion for the nature of our authentic and genuine Alentejo region was our main motivation to develop this project. It made us wishto open up to the community and to communicate and share the natural richness of the estate, lived, valued and cared for by the family.
To preserve and to share this natural heritage became our greatest challenge! Namely the unique characteristics of the Terges e Cobres creek, the Monte Fava brook, which traverse the estate – Herdade Monte da Ponte.

Agrotourism Xistos is a sustainable tourism with a Green key award since 2016, due to efficient practices on energy, the preservation of the surrounding environment and for value the partnership work with the community and the territory.

The estate Herdade Monte da Ponte is located at the border of the Beja and Mértola municipalities. It is an agricultural and cattle-breeding estate which puts a premium on sustainable farming and environmental respect and preservation.

Xistos was therefore conceived as a physical ‘space of intentions’, open to the community, and with the main goal of communicating nature and the estate’s farming potential and practices. It also aims at being a space which promotes a differentiated tourist experience, offering experiences which result from various partnerships, offering unique experiences and special moments. It is therefore addressed and may be of interest to different types of tourists.

  • Nature-lover
  • Senior tourist
  • Business tourist
  • Academic/Research tourist
  • Creative tourist

And basically to everyone, just join in!

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