Conheça as ofertas de experiências que temos para si


History to hear and feel…

The Terges e Cobres creek is an authentic and genuine natural space, in the heart ofAlentejo. Unique nature with a wealth of local wild flora and fauna which share the space with the shale rock. A singular environment, full of colour, scent, movement and feeling.
Nature walks a wait you!

A space for relaxation, thought and creation.

Xistos and its surrounding landscape invites you to take advantage of special places, which enable reading, writing and research. It aims to be a space that promotes a distinctive tourism and resulting educational experiences to offer in nature among others.
Also intends to develop a strong training in environmental education.

Hands-on Experiences

Xistos is a pedagogic space which offers you sensorial experiences.
It makes you acquainted with the estate’s farming activities.
It invites you to join in the activities, with your hands on the ground, in the picking of nature’s seeds, in the identification of the countryside’s wild plants, germination and stem cutting workshops of Alentejo’s plants (biological production).
You can also take part in gastronomy workshops, with the use of local products.

Some activities you can do on the estate:

  • Plants for liqueurs (myrtle);
  • Look for mushrooms;
  • Pick truffles;
  • Pickcarobs;
  • Plant herbs, etc.;
  • Identify medicinal and aromatic plants and pick seeds;
  • Prepare the soil;
  • Deal with and feed the animals.

And other activities…


Xistos, a space that gives you moments to learn, to feel, to relax and to enjoy high life.

  • Traditional Alentejo’s blankets workshop;
  • Yoga;
  • Treatment and relaxation massages with essential oils made with locally-produced plants (medicinal an aromatic plants biologically produced on the estate));
  • Mountain biking;
  • Hot air ballooning;
  • Jeep and bike rides;
  • Visit to neighbouring farms, producers of local high-quality products;
  • Visit to Pulo do Lobo waterfall;
  • Canoeing in Guadianariver;
  • Fishing at Terges e Cobres creek;
  • Visit to Beja and Mértola’s cultural heritage – built, ethnographic and gastronomic heritage.

Among other activities!

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