Sustentabilidade e Ambiente

Defendemos a sustentabilidade ambiental

Sustainability and Environment

Xistos Agritourism stands for environmental sustainability.
Xistos has embraced efficient energy use in a process of total self-consumption.

Buildings’ energetic efficiency

  • Solar panels;
  • Solar hot water panels;
  • Central heating with fire wood;
  • Wind generator;
  • Ecodepur(Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant);
  • Rain water use for watering the garden;
  • Estate’s waste water plant (controlled by the local water company)

Electrical energy production

  • Solar panels;
  • Wind generator;
  • Batteriesand inverters;
  • Back-up generator used in the absence of sun or wind).

 Solar panel with thermosiphon

  • Heats the kitchen water and the staff’s quarters;

Sanitary hot water

  • 4 solarpanels
  • 800-litre deposit
  • Back-up boiler used in the absence of sun.

Water Treatment

  • Estate’s water treatment plant
  • Ecodepur Oxybio waste water treatment plant.

Buildings’ energetic efficiency

  • LED lighting;
  • Heating (Room and common areas) – radiators
  • Energy is produced through a firewood boiler (in the machine room);
  • Heating (living rooms) with fireplaces and stoves fuelled with firewood obtained from the estate’s forest clearing.

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