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Herdade Monte da Ponte

Welcome to Herdade Monte da Ponte!

  • An agricultural and cattle-breeding estate included in:
  • National Ecological Reserve (REN)
  • NATURA Network
  • Castro Verde’s Protected Area (ZPE)
  • Next to the Vale do Guadiana Natural Park

Herdade Monte da Ponte is located in South Alentejo, in an area characterised by low hills and rugged (shale rock)relief.
It is situated right next to the Terges e Cobres creek, halfway between the towns of Beja (20 kilometres) and Mértola (30 kilometres)

The estate focusses on the predominantly agricultural way of life of the region, and of the Mediterranean regions in general. It concentrates on cattle (sheep and beef) breeding, especially of local breeds, carried out in the agro-silvopastoral system – mostly made up of cork groves, bio-diverse permanent pastures and woods in the lower areas. The activity carried out in the agro-silvo pastoral system is based on the increase of biodiversity, through the improvement of biodiverse pastures (forage legumes and grass crops), which perform important environmental roles, through the fixation of carbon and organic matter, implemented by the Terraprima Project (Terraprima– Biodiverse legume-rich permanent partures).

An extensive farming system is carried out, with the valuing of local breed, through the raising of “merino branco” and “campaniça” sheep breeds (endangered breeds) and also local (alentejano) beef cattle. This agricultural and cattle breeding activity caters for the sale of certified products (DOP) under the Carnalentejana brand.

Our philophy has always aimed at the sustainable and diversified use of the agro-silvo pastoral system, which allows both profitability and the preservation of the environmental ecosystem, in a sustainable agriculture logic. In this context, we maintain and protect the forest by cleaning the old forest – olive groves and young trees in pasture areas. With the aim of valuing and increasing the forest area we have planted a combination of stone pines and holm oaks and carob trees (in other areas).

This agro-silvo pastoral system favours the wild fauna, which is very varied and includes wild species like the fox, the hare, wild rabbit, grouse, black boar and several bird species which find shelter and food in the vast bush and denser forest area (non-farming land). The presence of fish species in the ponds and in the Terges and Cobres creek enables the fishing activity.

The Herdade Monte da Ponte possesses a health of natural resources which enable innovative activities which complement the agribusiness and promote the social and economic development of the surrounding region.

We strongly believe in partnerships, as a way of enhancing the local produce and the consequent sustainability of rural life.

We foster the production of wild produce, namely of local medicinal and aromatic plants, used in the production of essential oils, and of Indian fig opuntia (prickly pear), organically produced.

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