Our Tourists

We like to have them here!

Whatever form they take, what we really like is to welcome them.

We like to welcome families and couples, groups of friends or solo travellers so that they can get to know our genuine Alentejo and all our biodiversity.

Don’t forget, Xistos is a message!

We want our tourists to value life and to learn to value biodiversity. Enter this great house that is Xistos.

Dream, Believe, Be.


Xistos is a way of being in life, it is a message!

We want to make everyone who visits us aware that life, nature, is worth valuing!

To appreciate biodiversity and be amazed at our smallness and insignificance in this great value chain.

Our purpose is to humble ourselves before the grandiosity of this wonderful ecosystem.

Come in! The journey begins.


We have proved and want to continue to prove, through our Biosphere Portugal – Sustainable Tourism and Green Key certifications, that it is possible to implement sustainable practices in the business approach through responsible Tourism.

Our role is to add to the whole ecosystem, passing through Fauna, Flora, 

Community, Territory, among so many others, everything we can do to leave a better planet than the one we’re born in.

Xistos is a dynamic and continuous challenge, because it is committed to the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.

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